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    Why Zombie Games Are Popular

    Zombie games are everywhere. They’re on TV, in books and movies, and even on video games. There are zombie apocalypse survival games to zombie first-person shooter (FPS) games.

    The popularity of zombie game has increased over the years. In 2005 only a few people played the game Left 4 Dead, but in 2008 it was released as an Xbox exclusive and sold 2 million copies in its first week!

    There are many reasons for the popularity of these types of games. The two main ones being that they’re fun to play and easy to learn how to play them well. The horror aspect is also very appealing for some people since it can get pretty intense at times when you don’t know what will happen next or if you will survive or not.

    It is easy to relate to them

    why zombie games are popular

    Zombie games are so popular because they put you in the role of the protagonist. You get to decide what your character does and how he or she responds to various situations.

    You get to choose whether your character fights or flees, fights alone or with a team, and how they survive. You also get to choose what weapons your character uses and which skills they train in order to stay alive longer.

    Zombie games can be very scary as you have to fight for your life against hordes of undead creatures who only want you dead.

    They are a good way of playing out a scenario that you would never do in real life

    why zombie games are popular

    There are many reasons why zombie games are popular. Some people like to play them as a fun pastime, others do it as a way of getting rid of stress, and some may just enjoy the thrill.

    For those who play zombie games for fun, there is no point in thinking about what you would do if you were actually in that situation- because you know you wouldn’t! You would not kill your friends and family and spend your time fighting off zombies. You would not spend all day looking for food or water and trying to stay alive. This can be freeing because you know that even though this is pretend, there are very real fears that can be triggered by this kind of game.

    For people who have high levels of stress or anxiety, playing these kinds of games can help with relaxation and taking the edge off.

    They can be funny or scary, depending on the game

    why zombie games are popular

    Zombie games are popular because of their popularity. People like to play zombie games because they are fun and entertaining.

    People also enjoy playing zombie games because they can be scary or funny, depending on the game. They can be gory and violent, or they can poke fun at the genre while still making people laugh.

    Many people also like to play zombie games as a group activity or with friends. This is nice when you want to spend some time together having a good time and bonding over something you both enjoy doing.

    Realism is important with zombie games, so they lend themselves to great graphics and sound effects

    why zombie games are popular

    With zombie games, realism is important. The more realistic the game is, the scarier it will be. Zombie games are popular because they can be scary, graphic and still have people playing them due to the realism of it all!

    In a zombie game, no one is safe. This can be so nerve-wracking that some people choose to play with their lights off or in a dark room for more effect. Zombie games are also played for fun and entertainment which makes them even more popular.

    Many designers create new levels or “maps” for these types of games so that people keep coming back and spending money on them again and again.

    The games have become more sophisticated and engaging as technology has advanced

    why zombie games are popular

    Zombies have been a part of movies and TV shows for decades. They are prevalent in horror movies and shows like The Walking Dead, which is also the name of a popular video game.

    Zombies are reanimated corpses that hunger for living flesh or brains, depending on the type. They are usually slow moving creatures that can be easily outrun by any person with a functioning brain.

    The popularity of these games has increased due to the advances in technology over the last few years. Video games have become more sophisticated and engaging as they use computer graphics to create realistic environments, characters, and even zombies! It is easy to lose track of time while playing these games because it feels so real.

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