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    Why You Love Star Wars

    As much as there are many reasons to love the franchise, here we will focus on five of our favorite things about the films. These will include some major and minor themes, stories, and roles that each movie played in developing your love for the series.

    The main theme of every entry in this list is heroism. Each film features a protagonist who faces incredible opposition from outside and within. They are not only self-sacrificial but also teach others around them how to be brave and courageous in times of crisis.

    This article will talk about these characters and why they are worthy of admiration. Let’s get into it!

    Movie: The Empire Strikes Back

    Theme: Heroism

    Plot: Luke struggles with his feelings for Leia while trying to defeat Darth Vader.

    Role: Leading by example

    It’s hard to believe now, but at one time fans didn’t have very high expectations for The Empire Strikes Back. Many were put off by what they considered excessive use of special effects and gaudy costumes during the opening space battle. Others complained about the length of the finale, where Emperor Palpatine (Natalie Portman) makes his grand return after being defeated earlier in the story.

    But all those criticisms faded away once viewers got past their initial reactions. People began praising the movie for its smart writing, engaging storytelling, and powerful messages about friendship and leadership.

    Memorable characters

    why you love star wars

    The thing that makes a movie like A New Hope special is not just the action scenes or even the story, but the characters in the film. They are something integral to its success. When you watch the movie for the first time, you recognize these characters immediately. Some stay longer than others, but all leave an impression!

    In the case of The Empire Strikes Back, it’s hard to pick one main character. There are so many different people that we meet throughout the film. Even if they don’t last very long, everyone left their mark.

    Luke Skywalker is our protagonist. He doesn’t do anything spectacularly, he is simply trying to save his friend. But because of who he is, what he believes in, and how much he cares about them, he succeeds.

    Obadiah Stane is another important figure in the movie. He may be villainous, but I always feel bad for him. He wants to make a difference with his money, but he isn’t able to find happiness. It’s kind of sad really.

    The other major characters include Han Solo, Chewbacca, C-3PO, R2D2, Kylo Ren, Rey, General Hux, and Emperor Palpatine. Each one of these characters has specific qualities that help us connect with them. These qualities can be good or evil, but they always seem true for the person themselves.

    Excellent story line

    A great way to enjoy storytelling is by having an understanding of what makes a good narrative. It can be hard to tell if a plot is interesting or not, but you can usually determine whether or not a story is excellent by determining whether there are events that move the storyline forward and how well it is told.

    The thing about stories is that people relate to them. We connect with certain characters and feel motivated by their goals and emotions. We find ourselves rooting for the protagonists and hoping they will win in the end.

    In The Empire Strikes Back, we get to watch as Darth Vader rethinks his life after he discovers who his true master is. He even goes so far as to say that he might have made a mistake before realizing how strong Luke’s bond was with him.

    We also get to see Anakin fall from grace, which some may consider a downfall, but it sets up the next stage of his character development. His actions show us that he isn’t completely cut off from human feelings, making it easy to root for him later in the series when he learns what real strength is.

    There is one more important element to this movie — action! When Darth Vader confronts his former apprentice, it is packed full of intensity.

    Thrilling adventures

    why you love star wars

    There’s something about the way that the characters in this movie constantly find themselves in life-threatening situations, but you feel like they’ll always figure it out!

    They’re experienced adventurers who have done things like go into space and down onto Death Stars before, so they know what to do in these circumstances. They’ve also lived after death, which makes them more confident in their own afterlife plans.

    And of course there are the stories within the stories — all those secrets that each character knows. It creates an atmosphere where everyone is keeping secrets from each other, or at least trying to.

    It provides plenty of opportunities for humour because of all the backstories people share.

    Everything you hoped for

    why you love star wars

    As a kid, what was your favorite thing? For many it’s toys or cartoons or movies. But if you were like me, my favorite things as a child were books! I would spend hours reading anything from hard-boiled detective stories to fairy tales to science fiction.

    I finally figured out why I loved them all: they were totally awesome because of how smart the main characters are.

    If Harry Potter had been about aliens instead of wizards then he would be the most famous book writer in history. If The Chronicles of Narnia focused more on talking bears than magical worlds we might have gotten A Book About Bears That Talks To Other Animals.

    And if Twilight featured vampires instead of wolfen beasts then we would definitely have read some Thing About Vampires That Are Awesome.

    So even though there were aliens, magic powers, and monsters in those novels, the reason people still reads them twenty years later is because they are just plain cool. And that makes them very clever.

    Now, not every story needs to focus on cleverness but it is a powerful element to use. After all, what is the appeal of watching a movie where someone gets hit by a bus unless you find their bravery or strength impressive?

    A good story should leave you feeling smart either way.

    When you reach for something that goes beyond entertainment you achieve a higher level of thoughtfulness. You feel informed and intelligent so you can discuss issues intelligently.

    New stories, new heroes

    why you love star wars

    As a fan of the franchise, you may already know some of the reasons why people love this movie series. Some like the action or the adventure or even the characters. But what is really loved about these movies is that they always offer something new to watch.

    The setting and storyline can sometimes be similar to other films, but there’s never quite the same feel as before. There are often references and echoes to earlier works, but nothing feels exactly the same.

    That’s part of what makes watching a new episode so fun! And it also gives you opportunity to explore more parts of the universe than you would have before.

    There are lots of different storylines in the various books and TV shows, which lead up to more episodes in the current saga or sequels for past sagas.

    Fun and engaging cinema

    why you love star wars

    A lot of people love this movie franchise for many different reasons, but none more than the incredible sense of fun it brings to those who watch it. There are very few films that can make you laugh, cry and cheer all at once, which is why so many people enjoy this one.

    Star Wars has always been known for its fast-paced storytelling, vibrant characters and impressive special effects, but what makes the series unique is how each film fits together as a whole.

    The storylines constantly shift focus between various settings and genres, taking us down dramatic roads and then quickly jumping back up onto whimsical ones. This fluid structure allows for some great replay value in the movies, making viewers want to see them over and over again.

    Furthermore, the audience gets to connect with the main characters and relate to their struggles and growths throughout the stories. Many people find themselves coming away feeling good about themselves or even inspired by the protagonists’ perseverance.

    Popular culture

    why you love star wars

    There’s a reason why people love the movie franchise that was started in 1974 with the release of A New Hope. It goes beyond just having fun watching sci-fi adventures, it is a form of escapism.

    It is very easy to get immersed into this world due to all the things you find about the series. You have stories, jokes, memes, quotes, and even songs dedicated to everything from characters to events!

    There are so many ways to enjoy the fandom that has grown around the movies, which is another big part of its success. People really connect with these products, and they continue to be inspired by them.

    Everyone has something different to take away from the films, which makes it strong platforms for marketing. Businesses use film concepts and storylines to promote themselves or their product range.

    The more people that love a product, the more exposure it gets, which can mean more business for the company involved. This is what made the films such huge money earners for Disney, who own the rights to most of the content.

    Overall, popular culture gives us space to relax, focus less on daily life, and soak up some entertainment. What we learn from the media we watch is also an insight into how other people functioned back then, which is a way to understand human nature.

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