• Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

    Why Microsoft Products Are So Bad

    Microsoft is a major player in the technology industry. Despite this, many people consider their software to be subpar and even bad. As a result, they are often criticized for their products.

    This perception comes from the fact that Microsoft has so many different products and services that compete with one another. This makes it difficult to use one product on its own as it may not integrate well with other products or services. It also can create complications when trying to fix issues with these products because there is a lack of compatibility between them sometimes.

    This article will talk more about why Microsoft is so criticized by users and why they are still successful despite this criticism.

    Marketing and PR

    Microsoft has its own marketing and PR department. It is called the Windows Division.

    This division spends a lot of time creating press events, building up hype, and bringing in new features with every update of the operating system. The goal is to get as many people as possible to buy their product.

    However, this can backfire if people are not satisfied with their experience using Microsoft products or services. At that point, they may look into other products and services like Apple’s or Google’s. This can affect the company negatively if they cannot satisfy everyone with their products or services.

    Microsoft knows this too which is why they introduced Xbox Live which allows you to use other gaming consoles like PlayStation and Nintendo Switch so you do not have to spend money on another gaming console for your children or family members.

    Design and development of products

    why microsoft products are so bad

    In the beginning, Microsoft products were pretty good. Both in terms of design and development, Microsoft had some solid products. Their software was not overly complicated and easy to use.

    Over the years, however, this has changed dramatically. I believe this is because of two things: competition and money.

    Competition leads to more advanced features in the software due to a need for differentiation from similar products on the market which forces developers to make changes that can sometimes be detrimental to usability of the product as a whole. Money causes more features added into software due to having people paid based on how much they do or how many features they add into it which again can lead developers down a slippery slope of complexity while still being paid well.

    It’s not just Microsoft, it’s everything

    why microsoft products are so bad

    Microsoft is a huge company. They have several different products, and most of them are pretty good.

    However, there’s got to be one that everyone would agree is pretty bad. That honor belongs to Microsoft Office 365. It’s way too expensive compared to its competitors on the market right now, and it doesn’t even come with all the basic features you need!

    If you don’t use Office 365 frequently, then you can go without it. But as a student who has classes every day that require some type of word processor or organizer, Office 365 would be practically required for me and many other students like me because we need these programs for our classes in order to complete assignments quickly and efficiently.

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