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    Why Is Xbox Boring

    The gaming industry is constantly changing, with new consoles being released almost every year. With such a fast-paced industry, it becomes hard to stay current on what games are worth your time and money.

    This can be especially difficult for newer gamers that may not know which games have good content or are worth the price. If you are one of these people then this article will help!

    We will go over some reasons why the Xbox brand is starting to feel very stale and repetitive. These include: expensive games, underwhelming exclusives, and non-transparent marketing strategies.

    As a gamer that has experienced all three brands, I will talk about my personal opinions here. Let’s dive in!

    Expensive Games

    Most gamers enjoy spending money on entertainment products, but there is a difference between investing in a product that continues to deliver value and buying something that does not.

    Game prices continue to climb higher and higher, much like movie ticket prices. This is due to game developers negotiating bigger budgets and/or publishers using high royalty fees to ensure their investment returns.

    These costs are usually offset by the sale of merchandise related to the game (T-shirts, statues, etc.), as well as advertising revenue. However, if a game does not generate enough profit, it may get cancelled or replaced with a less expensive version at a later date.

    Overall, game prices increase because of this reason alone.

    Microsoft has changed their focus with consoles

    Over the past few years, people have noticed something different about the way that Sony and Nintendo play games. Companies like Bethesda, Ubisoft, EA, and more have all made large profits by offering very popular exclusive titles for only one console system.

    This is called Console Wars or System-Based Platform Gaming. Systems that gain popularity are inherently strong sellers because there’s an audience of people who will purchase the game to use the system it comes pre-installed on.

    Sony and Nintendo have clearly aligned themselves as competition in this arena. Both companies actively promote the strengths of their systems while simultaneously taking flak from gamers who feel that they don’t make enough money off of theirs.

    Microsoft seems to be slowly moving into this territory as well. They’ve already got some great exclusives such as The Division 2 and Fallout 76, both of which are heavily focused on online multiplayer.

    But what if we took things one step further? What if Microsoft didn’t just offer single player experiences, but also eliminated the importance of having your friends own the same console to enjoy the content together?

    They’re already doing this with most current generation games. Most players can easily pick up any title and experience it on their own without too much hassle.

    They are trying to be more family-friendly

    With every new generation of consoles, there comes a focus on being more family friendly. Companies try to appeal to parents by creating games that feature less mature content. This is usually framed as having children-focused storylines or experiences, or online modes that allow for things like chat before gameplay.

    The problem with this trend is it often takes away from what made older generations of video game consoles great. If you look back at past PlayStation and Nintendo systems, they were all pretty gritty and edgy. Games like Call of Duty and Mario Kart had very adult themes, but they still received high praise.

    These types of games have always been popular, so why make an effort to tone down the intensity? It seems like companies are struggling to find ways to cater to both kids and adults.

    There’s a reason why people play videogames! They want to enjoy them, and they want to feel something while playing. We need to appreciate how good gaming has become without restricting yourself to only kid-friendly levels of violence.

    There are rumors of new console launches

    Microsoft has not announced any plans to launch a brand-new video game system at this time, but that does not mean they have given up! They are still very much in the games business and will continue supporting their current systems until they can’t take it anymore.

    They just may surprise us all with an announcement soon though!

    There have been many theories about what kind of device Microsoft might release next, but no one knows for sure. All we know is that there are constant whispers about a “New Generation Console” coming from within the company itself.

    It is also reported that some people close to the top of the company feel like something big is going to happen soon. We all probably remember when Phil Spencer took over as Chief Gaming Officer (CGO) back in May 2018 and he made some bold statements.

    Spencer said then that Microsoft would be talking more about its future gaming strategies in the near future and hinted that things could change quickly. He even went so far as to say that you should expect to see major changes at E3 2019 which takes place in June.

    Since those comments were made almost a year ago, nothing really happened aside from the annual conference event taking place in July. It seems clear now that Microsoft was waiting for the right moment to make their next move, and that moment looks to have arrived.

    Sony and Nintendo have both recently launched updates

    With the new PlayStation 4 console, gamers can enjoy voice chat through your headset or directly via your smartphone. You can also use your phone as an interactive controller for games such as Fortnite!

    The redesigned gamepad features larger touch-sensitive areas to make navigation quick and easy. The DualShock 4 wireless controller now has two USB ports so you do not need to connect it to a computer to easily access it.

    With its sleek design and intuitive feature set, the PS4 is sure to win over new fans of video gaming. If you are already invested in the community, find out what changes they have by looking at our article here.

    Customers get bored easily

    As much as people enjoy gaming, there is an ever-increasing amount of games available for every platform. This is great because you never have to worry about finding a new game!

    However, this can be problematic at times. Because there are so many options, some people just give up and choose not to play video games anymore.

    There’s a reason why everyone from kids to adults seem to lose interest in videogames – they become dull and repetitive.

    Games that focus too much on action or shooting tend to wear thin quickly. People develop strategies to avoid getting killed, which takes away part of the fun.

    Some gamers even feel negatively towards shooters due to their excessive use of violence. Many think it creates more anger instead of happiness.

    What makes a good game? Obviously, it should be enjoyable, but what makes it interesting changes from person to person.

    A small detail may influence how someone experiences a game, such as how well designed certain features are or the way a storyline is conveyed.

    Certain elements like humor or social interaction are also important since we spend a lot of time playing them, especially online.

    Gaming becomes too expensive

    As gaming technology continues to evolve, so does the price of consoles increase. Technology such as 4K displays and ray-tracing are truly spectacular modes of entertainment that most people can enjoy. However, aside from the very rich, these features are only available on higher end systems.

    For example, the upcoming PlayStation 5 will feature a 4K display with HDR support. This is an incredible feat that takes amazing graphics to achieve. It is also quite costly; according to reports, it will cost around $400!

    This isn’t the case for all games, but many high budget titles use these features heavily. Console gamers who want to experience this content have to pay more money or go without.

    Gamers should not be forced to spend lots of money on games if they do not desire to. There are ways to get some of these experiences for less than the console version, which is why we have mentioned them in this article.

    There are several sites where you can find discounts on games online. Some offer free games while others limit themselves to a discount rate per game.

    Popular franchises come out

    Almost every major franchise has at least one successful entry that made enough money to keep it in business for many years. This includes some of the biggest brands like The Legend of Zelda, Mario, Fallout, etc.

    Why don’t we see more new IPs (Initial Product Stands For) being developed though? That is what this article will talk about!

    There are several reasons why people choose not to make their own brand of video games. Some feel that they just aren’t very good at making them, or that the market is already over saturated with gamers who wouldn’t pay extra for theirs.

    Another reason is that there just isn’t much incentive to create your own thing when you can earn lots of money by re-hashing something that everyone else has done before.

    Yet another reason is that even if you ARE proficient in creating your own game concepts, going into competition with all those big publishers that have teams of professionals working on them may be too daunting an obstacle to overcome.

    What I will say is that as an player, we need to start having more respect for developers than ever before! Before it was impossible to tell whether or not a developer actually cared about his/her craft until things took off and received great reviews, but now it is easy to tell.

    People want something new

    This is not to say that current console systems are bad, they definitely do their job very well! Just like any other product, if you are not into it then there are ways to change that.

    There’s a reason why consoles have become so popular over the past few years- people love them. They offer great games, value, and sleek looks which help make them attractive.

    But this comes with the caveat that people will always need to be in search of new experiences. Consistent experience quality may win you out at times, but eventually someone who wants more than what the game has to offer will find themselves switching away from it.

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