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    Why Google Is Dark!

    As we mentioned earlier, Google is changing its color scheme to be exclusively dark. They are even creating their own night time tone for the browser you use to surf the web!

    Why? Because they think it’s beautiful.

    And I have to agree. The darker colors in general look very classy and elegant, which is totally attractive.

    But beyond looking nice, there are some other reasons why this is a good idea. For one, people tend to rely more heavily on technology these days, so having less eye exposure to bright or light colors can help preserve sleep and reduce eyestrain.

    Two, research shows that exposure to heavy amounts of white light (like from computer screens) may actually increase stress hormone levels and promote insomnia. A dark screen helps mitigate those effects by reducing how much light your eyes are exposed to.

    Three, studies show that darkness makes us feel happier. This could be because darkness removes our sense of external stimuli, such as watching TV during times when you would normally be awake. Or it could be due to an effect called “melatonin suppression,” where exposure to light causes your body to naturally produce less of the mood enhancing compound. Either way, being able to watch TV or use a computer at night is a privilege most people don’t enjoy.

    Four, developing circadian rhythm disorders like jet lag or shift work disorder is quite common nowadays.

    They are testing new things

    With all of the changes that they make to their website, software, and services, one must consider why these changes occur. Most likely, it is because there was an announcement or launch of some kind happening in the area that this product or service serves.

    Google’s most recent switch comes just over a month after they made the shift to dark mode for Android phones and tablets. By changing what color palette they use for pages, apps, and logos, they can create different moods and environments.

    By doing so with their own products, Google is able to capitalize on how well-known they are. It also helps them establish brand loyalty as people who love their products will feel better about themselves by using something similar.

    This article will talk more about reasons why dark modes are important for your site to have, and how to implement one into your business.

    There have been rumors of them merging with Apple, or buying Hulu

    Recent reports claim that CEO Sundar Pichai has been meeting with top executives at both companies to discuss potential acquisitions. According as one source, this includes discussions about an acquisition by either company for the other!

    If you look back through our list of reasons why it is dark outside, you’ll see some related to fashion. Companies such as Samsung and HP make very bright screens, so they are in a race to see who can be darker than the other.

    And while having white backgrounds may seem like a good thing because you can easily read everything, it is actually more difficult to design things clearly when there isn’t much contrast.

    So, how could Google be any different? They could probably use some tips from Microsoft though.

    Larry and Sergey are getting older

    As of this writing, Larry Page and Sergei Brin, co-founders of Google, are both in their early 40s. The two have been leading the company since its earliest days, when they took it over from Stanford University where brash entrepreneur types were quite common.

    Page is now CEO while Brin remains as the firm’s chairman. Both retain an equal stake in the business; only Paul Allen (of Microsoft) has held more than them.

    Larry and Sergey no longer run the show themselves however. They hire other leaders to do that for them, and look at the careers of those people to see what kind of CEOs they want to be.

    Google founders Larry Page and Sergei Brin are still actively involved in running the company but things have shifted slightly. No longer does one person hold all the power – instead, there are several key players who make decisions together.

    The most powerful guy at the moment is probably Sundar Pichai, who was promoted last year to lead Android and Chrome. He works under Jeff Bezos at Amazon, another successful technology company with lots of competition.

    Bezos made his name by creating a platform that allowed others to build great companies on top of it. This is how you can find yourself spending hours every day browsing the Amazon website or app, and not just because he paid off before.

    Some people think they will start selling their shares

    Many believe that going dark is an easy way to stay private while also avoiding criticism of how much money you have gathered through data collection.

    By going “dark”, or completely removing yourself from public view, you can avoid having your stock price drop even more due to speculation about why you are reducing spending.

    This could be because you are trying to distance yourself from what has made you famous, like by quitting drinking or giving up sugar, or because you want to focus on other things in life, like starting a family.

    But all three of those reasons would clearly show that you are not staying private, which is why your stock price would be dropping.

    Furthermore, research shows that there is no link between company earnings and privacy. If anything, making false claims about the importance of privacy can hurt business.

    It is important to remember that your personal information goes far beyond financial data – it includes details about who you are as a person, medical conditions, political beliefs, and so on.

    That is why some companies must make mistakes before realizing that being very private isn’t the best strategy for them.

    They may be working on another product like flying cars

    If you look closely at pictures of Googles data centers, you will notice that they are all either completely dark or heavily obscured by heavy curtains. This has led to many theories about what Google is planning.

    Some say it’s because they are hiding an alien invasion from Earth. Others believe it’s because they are keeping technology a secret for themselves so no one else can use it. Yet others think it’s because they are developing some sort of futuristic vehicle that does not require light to function.

    But none of these theories seem very likely.

    First, there is really no reason why Google would want to hide their data center operations while they are still open to the public. Data centers cost a significant amount of money to run and maintain, which means Google could make lots of money if people were able to watch them in action. In fact, YouTube was once offered as a free service due to this business model.

    Second, even if aliens were invading Earth, going into a darkened data center wouldn’t do much good. The most advanced extraterrestrial civilizations probably have their own way of detecting energy, and a bunch of black boxes isn’t going to help them detect anything.

    Third, although it is possible that Google is building a car that doesn’t need light to work, it seems more probable that this is just part of their ongoing effort to improve battery technology.

    They may be expanding into other countries

    Since its founding in 1998, Google has always been an extremely popular search engine. The company boasts of being a leader in the market through their “don’t make us go somewhere else to find our next best seller” motto.

    But now, there are reports that suggest Google is moving beyond just offering users direct searches via their site. According to sources close to the matter, Google is developing stealthy apps designed to siphon off user data and eventually take over the entire screen.

    It could just be business as usual

    As we mentioned before, Google is always on-the-go and constantly communicating with users via its various platforms and services. Having an all-white color scheme that people have to guess at what features or products it has can make it hard to identify what company lines it covers.

    With the launch of dark mode for Chrome in May 2018, Google made another way to let their audience know they exist. Now, you do not need to rely on external sources to find out who your favorite companies are because you now know!

    Since then, many brands have jumped onboard the dark ship by creating websites and applications with darker themes. Many use shades of black, gray, and red to match or compliment the theme of the site.

    Google is one of these brands that have incorporated darkness into their look.

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