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    Why Google Drive Download Slow

    With the explosion of digital technology, it is easy to create lots of files and documents. Businesses have internal document sharing systems that they use to keep projects organized. It is common for employees to also add all sorts of personal information to these documents- from pictures to private conversations.

    This can cause an issue at some points. If someone leaves their job or gets fired, those documents are now in the hands of another person or group. These individuals may not be appropriate with what is contained within these documents.

    It is important to protect your privacy when you leave employment so people do not access too much information. This is why there is a process where terminated workers can get their documents back.

    However, this process can take hours, days, or even weeks to complete depending on how many people were involved and how fast each person deletes their documents. During this time, you cannot access your documents because you don’t have password access. Or you can, but it will cost you!

    Google offers a service called “Download All My Data” which allows you to download everything you uploaded to their cloud storage platform. But, there is a price attached to this feature… it is free one month, then it is either $5 per user per year or users pay monthly fees per device.

    That means if you used your phone as a camera, your kids use their phones for games, and your spouse has a computer, etc.

    There is not enough free space on your hard drive

    why google drive download slow

    One of the things that can cause Google to limit how fast you can download files from the web or via an app like Files is if there isn’t enough free space on your computer.

    When you open up Google Docs, Sheets, Or Spreadsheets (Google Documents) then they are saved in the browser as a local file stored on your computer.

    This way you don’t have to worry about having empty space for them to save.

    But what happens when you run out of disk space? You may start running into issues where it becomes too difficult to access all of your documents.

    Your internet connection is slow

    why google drive download slow

    There are several reasons why your computer might take longer to download an attachment from Google Docs or upload content into a document in the cloud.

    It could be because you’ve limited bandwidth due to your data plan, or your Internet connectivity has slowed down due to excessive use.

    If you have a mobile phone that doesn’t connect to the Internet very quickly, this can make it difficult to access documents and other resources remotely.

    You may also have hit Google’s file size limit for free users which is quite small (up to 10GB). This means it will take longer to save files that are over this size!

    There is no way to upgrade your account level beyond this so remember to keep these things in mind when saving files.

    Chrome isn’t downloading correctly

    why google drive download slow

    Sometimes, when you open a file in Drive or create a new one, it can take a few seconds to actually begin loading all of its contents. This is because some files are very large, and Chrome has a limit for how many bytes it will save per session.

    To fix this, go into Settings > Advanced under the Privacy section and choose Limit disk space used by other apps. Then, reduce the maximum amount of free space that app can use before asking you to reboot your computer or logging out of your account.

    This should resolve the issue immediately! If it doesn’t, try closing and reopening Chrome and/or deleting the cache and data from within Chrome (Help -> How do I delete my browser data?). You may also want to consider clearing your cookies as well.

    You need to activate downloads manually

    why google drive download slow

    Another reason why your downloads may take longer than expected is that you have to go into each file or folder individually to enable it!
    As mentioned before, you can automatically download an archive of all of the files in a specific directory, but if there’s one thing we learned, it’s that not every individual file has this option.

    And even when they do, some people might not use the “Download as ZIP” option because it seems overly complicated.

    So instead of getting a seamless experience where everything just pulls up seamlessly, you will sometimes get prompted for permission to open the file after downloading it. This happens because most applications are designed to make sure users know what content their files contain so they give them appropriate permissions.

    Luckily, this process isn’t too difficult to navigate- you simply choose which apps you want to allow, and then click through a confirmation box asking you to confirm that you own those assets.

    It could be a virus or malware infection

    why google drive download slow

    There are several reasons why your Google drive may take longer than usual to download all of your files.

    It could be because you’ve run out of bandwidth – there can be a lot of content in your collection, and someone else might have logged onto Google with their account at the same time as you.

    It could also be due to a computer or mobile device running low on resources such as memory or CPU power.

    And not everyone has a fast internet connection either, which can limit how quickly you can access the files you want to view.

    This is especially true if you’re using the app via Wi-Fi since it will have to go through a faster wireless network before it can connect to Google, but you still wanted to use the phone’s data plan for other things.

    Run anti-virus and other software updates

    why google drive download slow

    One of the things that can cause your Google drive to take longer to open is malware or malicious programs. This could be caused by you downloading an app, file, or program wrong, or it could be someone else’s device that has been compromised.

    If your computer becomes slow or even completely freezes up, do not force close anything! Instead, hold down the CTRL key (or ALT if you are using Windows) and press DELETE on every window except for Chrome.

    This will remove all of the items from your browser, but not your computer! Make sure to check your phone, email, and other apps while this process is going on to make sure nothing gets deleted accidentally. Once it is done, restart your computer and see what happens!

    Update your anti-malware software

    In addition to deleting unwanted files, running an anti-malware scan can help fix any possible issues. Most of these have free versions so there is no need to pay to test out their quality.

    Use a VPN when using public Wi-Fi networks

    why google drive download slow

    If you are experiencing slow down with your internet speed while using the web, chances are good that it is due to something related to Google. This could be because of an app like Chrome or YouTube that is not working properly, or perhaps you just clicked the “I’m feeling lucky” button too many times and now everything takes longer than normal to load!

    If you use the free version of Google Suite (like Gmail, Google Plus, etc.), this can add up quickly as data is shared across all those apps.

    The reason why this happens is because Google uses their software and services, such as its own cloud storage system, across every product they offer.

    By having all these different products, people have been trained to use them, and thusly, they rely heavily on the same infrastructure.

    This makes sense for making sure everyone has access to everything, but it can cause issues if users aren’t aware of how much traffic each app produces and what kind of resources are used to run it.

    Change locations before opening new documents

    why google drive download slow

    Sometimes, when you open an unfamiliar file in your browser-based Google Drive or upload a fresh copy of an existing document, it can take longer than expected to load or even time out.

    This could be because your computer is running low on resources such as RAM (random access memory) or hard drive space.

    If that’s the case then chances are there are other apps using those resources elsewhere. For example, if you have both Microsoft Word and Slack installed then they will use up both their allotted resources while each one is opened.

    You may also have another program running in the background which takes up resources, for instance if you used Windows System Tools to check for viruses recently.

    We recommend that you try closing all programs except for the ones needed for online browsing and productivity software like MS Office and Gmail. That way your computer has enough resources to focus on downloading files from Google Docs.

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