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    Why Google Alphabet

    What is Google? Who runs it, and why? For almost two decades now, people have been referring to this company as “Google” or even just “the Google Company.” But what made it special was not only its products, but also the way it organized itself under a new parent company — Alphabet.

    Alphabet was an internal term that CEO Larry Page coined back in 2011. He used it to describe his plan for the future of the company he ran at the time, technology firm Google.

    Page believed that technology would soon become integrated into nearly every aspect of our lives. People would use it for work, communication, gaming, and more. And they would do so seamlessly, on their own terms, without needing direct guidance or control from software developers or tech companies.

    He called this emerging era The Post-Human Era. In it, we would live our lives online, connected to each other and to intelligent computer systems. This vision of the future resonated with many because of how much technology has already changed our daily lives.

    But it also raised questions about who will control this technology, and where it will lead us. So, after announcing the rebranding, Page asked employees if anyone wanted to keep working at Google, and part of him wanted to continue leading it as a subsidiary of Alphabet.

    Most people agreed, and thus Google became a separate company within Alphabet.

    It’s hard to tell what Google does

    The reason why people are so confused as to what exactly Google does has nothing to do with how secretive or private it is, nor does it have anything to do with its vast array of products that it offers.

    It’s because everything that google does — whether it’s developing new technology like self-driving cars or organizing massive conferences such as I/O – all serve one goal: To make more money.

    Google makes tons of money already, but that doesn’t mean it won’t ever expand or reduce some of its services. In fact, looking at past trends, we can probably expect just that.

    By defining themselves as an “internet company,” Google lost track of what companies actually are. A lot of things that come under the umbrella of “the internet” aren’t really businesses per se. For example, Facebook and Twitter are both considered digital media platforms, but only one of them is a business.

    They keep changing their name

    The reason why most companies eventually settle into a good, loyal nickname is because they realize it! It’s just too hard to stick with “The Company That Sponsors The Other Companies.”

    Google has been changing its name more than any other company in recent memory. In fact, there have already been over 50 different names for this business conglomerate.

    So what makes the name ‘Alphabet’ special? Well, it all comes down to perception.

    When you say the word ‘alphabet’ out loud, you get the feeling that it’s important. You feel like you should know what letter comes next, even if you don’t.

    Search is everything in digital marketing

    Even though they’ve diversified their business into other areas, search engine optimization (SEO) and online advertising are still at the heart of what they do. That means ensuring your website or product is visible to people looking for it via search engines like Google.

    As we know, when someone searches for a product or service on Google, the results include both sponsored content as well as organic listings. These include lists of sites and apps that match the user’s query.

    By being listed higher on these result pages, you’ll get more traffic and attention for your site or app. This will help promote yours up the rankings and attract new visitors.

    Google has many different products and services, so why not use all of them to grow your business? With each one, you can gain exposure by promoting and endorsing theirs.

    This is called paid inclusion. You’re paying to be included, but there’s a cost attached – it’s through AdWords.

    Alphabet was formed to combine these companies together

    As we mentioned before, this is not your average company! While most corporations focus on making money, Google focuses more on using technology to make our lives better. Starting with GOOGLE in 2001 as an online search engine, it has since expanded into many other areas such as Chrome, YouTube, Android, Cloud Storage, and of course, advertising.

    In 2015, Larry Page and Sergey Brin decided to split off Google’s internet business into its own separate company they named “BAY AREA COMPANY LLCX.” They left behind their old boss Sean Parker who took over as CEO of remaining GOLLCOMP until the two CEOs could be convinced otherwise.

    Four years later, BAY AREA changed its name to simply ‘ALPHABET INC.

    Google owns YouTube, which is popular

    A lot of people use Google products every day. They love it because there are so many of them! For example, over one billion users access the internet through its services like Gmail or Chrome.

    Google also makes lots of other apps and software, such as Maps, Docs, and Slides. These all work together to make your smartphone more useful!

    By owning both the browser (Chrome) and the mobile operating system (Android), it’s able to heavily influence the way people use technology. This is called platform dominance.

    As mentioned earlier, YouTube is a big part of why people use Google products. It is very accessible and free, helping it dominate social media.

    YouTube even helped shape how most people uses video in general. People now understand the concept of putting aside time for something important by creating an account and habituating it.

    The company made lots of money off of this dependence. So they invested in it strongly. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does mean that they know what makes it successful and can capitalize on it.

    This article will talk about some reasons why this kind of monopoly is dangerous and potentially harmful for the society it represents. More than just having power over others, it also teaches individuals about capitalism and how to manipulate it.

    Gmail, another very famous service

    Along with YouTube, which was founded in 2005, Google is well-known for its collection of other services. These include G Suite, which includes things like Docs and Spreadsheets, as well as Hangouts and Chat.

    Google+ existed for several years before it was officially killed off last year, while Wave (now Talk) and Now are two additional products that people may or may not remember.

    But what most people don’t realize about these apps and platforms is just how integral they have become to the success of both Google and Amazon — and arguably, you too!

    By offering free accounts to all of them, Google and Jeff Bezos help foster dependence on their services, creating loyal customers who purchase lots of stuff from them.

    Chrome Browser

    In 2004, when you mentioned the name ‘Chrome’, there was very little information about it online. You probably knew that it was an internet browser designed to quickly load pages as fast as possible. What people didn’t know at the time was that this quick speed was achieved through some advanced technology.

    Google had engineered their chrome browser by creating what are now called content delivery networks (CDNs). A CDN is like having a lot of computers scattered around the world which store copies of webpages or media files. The computer with the original copy gets replaced every once in a while, but its new version stays stored for longer until it is needed. This saves data transmission times because users don’t have to send the same file over and over again.

    For example, say you create an image. When someone else views the picture, they will get the same exact one from their own cache instead of downloading a brand new one. This cuts down on traffic too since less bandwidth is used. It also helps keep websites faster due to the extra resources waiting to be downloaded.

    I think it is great how google has organized all of their products into different brands. Companies can still use the features of their product without being confused for related products. Also, it gives them exposure for their brand as more people may search for info on the individual brands.

    Capital G – growth

    As you know, Google is an internet search engine company that now also owns businesses like YouTube and Cloud Services. These services are not only used for finding information online, but they also help advertisers target specific audiences with their products and advertisements.

    The reason why most people associate Google as “the google” is because of its very popular web browser, Chrome. If you use the internet at all, you have probably already invested in this software!

    Chrome was once owned by another tech giant, Mozilla. Since then, it has become one of the top three browsers out there and even surpassing Firefox in market share. This makes sense since Chrome is heavily marketed through advertising and easy to use.

    This capitalization comes from the word growl which means to expand or increase in size. With every new product Google launches, it grows in popularity and influence. People recognize the name more than the others and use it often, giving them incentive to purchase.

    Google also invests a lot money into growing their business, just look at how much they spent acquiring other companies! They aim to keep increasing their revenue so they can spend more on investing in future projects.

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