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    Why Does Google Change Its Logo Everyday

    This is not an easy task for most people to do, even professional graphic designers have trouble keeping up with it! Luckily, you don’t need any formal training to create your own logo. All you really need are some good concepts that relate to your business and your loved ones.hello

    By thinking of ideas and incorporating them into your logo, you will know what to do if there ever was a need to revise or redesign it. Plus, giving yourself grace time to re-design your logo can help you avoid stress and keep your personal relationships healthy.

    In this article, we will talk about 10 reasons why google changes its logo frequently. Then, we will discuss some ways you can use their style as a template for yours. Finally, we will look at some examples of popular logos that were inspired by the search engine giant.

    The new logo

    Over the past few years, web surfers have noticed something about the search giant’s logos. They seem to change every other day!

    Google changed its logo in 2009, 2010, and again in 2013. Each time it refreshed its look, it picked an emblematic color and designed its own style around that hue.

    So what is the reason for this? Is it because they are running out of money and need to emphasize cost-cutting measures by changing their branding? Or does it mean someone at Google has a passion for certain colors and wants to express that through design?

    We may never know the answer to that question, but as loyal users we can take some fun in the process. Let us celebrate all eight of the Google logos by writing short paragraphs based on the following topic and bullet point.

    What do these changes mean?

    Recent trends in branding include using new logos or changing an established logo to make it more striking or unique. Companies will change their logos for various reasons, some good and some bad.

    Mostly people notice the changes and get talking about them, even if only slightly. Some take time to realize what company the emblem represents, while others recognize it right away!

    When companies switch up their logos, there is usually a reason why. It can be to reflect the brand’s current style, focus, or message. Sometimes it is just because you can’t help but look at something funny!

    Google’s latest transformation has everyone from around the world searching for clues. Since May 2019, its classic blue color scheme with a white “G” has been replaced by a black “g” on a dark gray background.

    What does this mean for your business? If you are struggling to find success with your current website, it may be time to start thinking about investing in yours or someone else’s.

    It could be due to a recent rebranding of another site that competes with yours, or maybe they want to send out a strong statement about how serious they are about their product. Or perhaps it is just because they wanted a new look.

    Any of those things would be great opportunities for your business.

    The current logo

    This is probably one of the most recognizable logos in the world! Most people recognize it, even if they have never seen it before. It was designed by San Francisco-based artist Ryan Johnson back in 2015 and he gave it the popular name “Google Doodle.”

    The new logo debuted on September 4th, 2017 as part of an eight day celebration for the company’s 40th anniversary. It received mixed reactions at first because some thought it looked very similar to another well known logo.

    But now that you’ve read this article, I’m sure you can identify the difference! If you couldn’t already tell, the circle has shrunk down slightly and there are no longer any words attached.

    Overall, though, the colors look better than ever and the image seems more streamlined. Many think it looks beautiful while others claim it is too simple or not distinctive enough.

    And although many may criticize the new design, almost everyone agrees that it is unique. Some say it reminds them of Apple or Microsoft logos but only partly.

    There are also several theories about what the letters INSPIRE mean but none seem entirely correct.

    Will there be another change?

    With all of these changes, will we see a new logo for Google in the future? While it is not confirmed that this will happen, it is very likely!

    Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai mentioned back at an internal conference last year that they would like to do more with colors other than just red and blue. He also said that they want to add more shapes into their logos so they can use them as inspiration for other designs.

    So why don’t we see more variations on their current logo? I think it is because they have already designed quite a few.

    By now, most people are familiar with the rounded rectangle shape of the Google Doodle or “Doodle” logo. We also know what kind of circle the G looks like and how the O is shaped. All three of those styles make up the main part of the current logo.

    Other examples include the color scheme which has been changing almost every day since 2004 when the company was founded! There are many different shades of green, orange, white, and navy used throughout the graphics. These colors were inspired by nature and/or the environment.

    Has anyone noticed all the different versions of the logo?

    It is your job as an internet user to keep up-to-date with the ever changing look of Google, its logos included!

    Google’s new logo was announced in June 2017 and it has people everywhere talking. Since then, they have revealed nine more variations of their logo. Some say that these changes are for dramatic effect while others believe that it is just because the company can.

    Either way, it is a fun game to play – trying to identify which one is next. Luckily, you do not need us to tell you what each one looks like, but we will give some information about them.

    Some explanations of the logo history

    Before we dive into some theories about why Google changes its logo every day, let’s take a look at some past logos to get an idea of how well they stick around!

    Google’s current logo was first introduced in 1999 as “Goooogle” with the mission statement “To organize the world’s information and make it accessible.” It still holds true for today, but now the company has expanded what it means by adding the word “Alphabet” to refer to all of its products.

    In 2012, just over ten years later, the company changed the font used in the logogram and dropped the word “Organic” due to copyright issues. These two updates were done to emphasize that the search engine is more than just one product line.

    Since then, other rebrandings include switching from serif fonts (like Arial) to sans-serif ones (no lines or curves in the letters), changing the color palette, and even introducing new logograms. All these style tweaks show that the company values consistency and individuality, while staying within the bounds of good design.

    The hardest part about designing a logo is deciding if your final work will be recognizable enough to keep people talking about it, but not so popular that it gets cliche.

    Some theories as to why the logo is changing

    This week’s new Google doodle celebrates twenty years of the company’s famous “Doodle” logos. These fun, whimsical designs have become iconic symbols of the search engine powerhouse that is Google.

    The doodles come in various styles, but all feature the shape of an eye with curved lines radiating out. The color scheme varies as well – some use shades of blue or red, while others are more neutral.

    Since its debut back in 1998, this symbol has morphed into over 100 different versions!

    Why does Google keep changing their logo? There are several reasons, some more credible than others. Here we will go through some of the top theories as to what could be behind this quirky branding technique.

    Do you like any of the designs?

    Recent trends in brands have been creating new logos every year, something that not only artists are getting tired of, but also consumers. Companies will spend hours designing and re-designing their logo to make it look unique or even create an iconic symbol for their business!

    But why do they do this? Is it because they want your money?

    No, definitely not! It’s because they know how marketing works and how powerful branding is. Having an interesting brand identity can boost company recognition, customer loyalty, repeat purchases and overall sales.

    According to research done by MMGY Global, over 70% of people agree that corporate logos show what kind of person an organization represents. More than half believe that seeing the same logo everyday helps build trust in the brand.

    It seems clear then that companies love having fun with their brand, but some seem to go too far. Creating an ever changing logo has become very popular, however none quite match the intensity of Google’s current design.

    The average person spends around eight minutes longer on a website with a good looking theme versus one with a plain old looking layout. By adding decoration to a site’s pages, users feel more comfortable spending time browsing through things and investing in products.

    This investment usually leads to buying anything and everything! Websites such as Shopify and Squarespace offer professional looking themes at affordable prices, helping many small businesses achieve their dream of having a beautiful online presence.

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