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    Why Are Games Good For Your Brain

    Video games are a major pastime around the world. From mobile phone and computer games to console titles, people spend a lot of time playing them – and that’s totally OK!

    You can play them for fun or as a way to learn new things or do something new. A lot of research has been done about the benefits of gaming, so it’s only right that we take a look at some of them.

    Video games help you develop and improve your problem-solving skills, which can be an important part of your professional success later on in life. They also help you develop quick thinking skills by making you react quickly to various situations in-game. This can be helpful in real life when unexpected situations arise.

    Helps with problem-solving skills

    why are games good for your brain

    As mentioned before, games can help you with problem-solving skills.

    Not only that, but they can be a good way to bond and interact with others. If you play a game together with another person or people, you have to talk about the game or ask for tips on how to beat it!

    Games can also help your memory as well. Many games require you to remember things like where certain items are located in order to beat them. Games also require quick thinking and decisive action which helps improve your overall reaction time and mental processing of information.

    Helps with memory formation

    why are games good for your brain

    Since gaming has become more advanced, the graphics have gotten more sophisticated and realistic. This helps with memory formation because your brain is able to make a stronger association between what you see and what you do in the game.

    A study conducted by New York University found that gamers were better at spatial navigation than nongamers. The group tested both groups on a variety of games, including games where players had to navigate through mazes or find hidden items in virtual environments. Gamers were better at finding these objects and navigating their way through the virtual world than non-gamers.

    Gamers also have an advantage when it comes to understanding science concepts like Newtonian physics or other types of physics, according to research from Stanford University.

    Encourages teamwork

    why are games good for your brain

    Video games are an awesome way to get in some friendly competition, have fun with friends and family, and improve your brain health.

    You can play alone or with others, depending on the game. Some require more teamwork than others, so you can decide how interactive you want the game to be based on how much help you need from other players.

    Most video games engage several parts of your brain at once. This is called “neurological demand.” It makes it harder for your brain to focus solely on one thing like reading or listening.

    Improves attention span

    why are games good for your brain

    The average human attention span has dropped from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2018. This means that the average person can no longer focus on one thing for eight seconds.

    Most people know that technology is making us less attentive, but what can we do about it? One answer might be to play more games, but not just any games — ones that make you think.

    There are many different game genres that require high levels of attention and concentration to succeed at them, including puzzle games (the most common), strategy games, role-playing games and first-person shooters. The key is finding a game you enjoy playing and sticking with it — even if you don’t like it at first!

    Games are also good for your brain because they keep you mentally active. They have been linked to better memory function and better thinking skills.

    Improves reaction time

    why are games good for your brain

    A recent study found that playing fast-paced video games can improve your reaction time.

    This is because the more advanced the game, the faster you have to react to things.

    You must quickly decide what move you should make and then press the right buttons or keys on your controller or keyboard. The more difficult the game, the more mental effort it takes to play well, making it a good exercise for your brain.

    Games are very visual, so they take advantage of a person’s sense of sight by giving them something to look at and interact with. This keeps their mind active and challenged as they play through different levels of difficulty in order to win or complete missions.

    Helps develop creativity

    why are games good for your brain

    Games are a source of entertainment that have grown in popularity over the years. With new games being released every year, there is always something new to play.

    Games can be played in a variety of ways. Most games can be played alone, or you can challenge your friends and family to see who wins. You can also play with people around the world which is fun!

    The graphics used in video games have become incredibly realistic and complex due to technological advancements. This makes gaming more engaging as it looks like you are actually part of the game itself rather than just playing it on a screen.

    Many studies show that gaming is good for you health-wise, but how? It helps improve your mood and relieve stress by giving you an escape from reality for a little while when needed most.

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