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    What Phone Cases Will Fit Xs Max

    Mobile phone cases come in many forms, but one of the most popular is smartphone covers or protective shells. These are typically made of plastic or glass that can be slid onto your device to prevent damage or protect your device slightly.

    Some cover only part of the front of the phone (called a screen protector), while others go all the way down to the handset (slide-on case). Some are designed to do more than just preserve the surface layer of the phone!

    Many people use these types of cases as a form of self-protection. If you are very careful with your phone, then adding a good case can help avoid accidents caused by drops, bumps, or scratches. The cases also help mitigate power loss due to wet hands if you drop your phone at the beach!

    There are several reasons why protecting your mobile phone with a case is a great idea. In this article, we will talk about some common cases and what makes them effective. We will also discuss which cases fit our main test subject for this article: an HTC 10 running Android 6.0 Marshmallow!

    Font and color choice are important parts of phone case shopping. Make sure you like the fonts used before buying those cases! It may sound crazy, but until you find ones you love, try going totally sans-font for a few days to see how well you do without them.

    Hard cases have become quite the trend.

    Pouch-style case

    A lot of phone cases these days are either hardshell or softgel, but there is another kind! They are called pouch-style cases. These cases contain an internal sleeve or pocket that you insert your smartphone into. The advantage of this style over hardshell or gel cases is that you can take the cover off to use your device without protecting it fully.

    It also allows more space for other accessories, such as headsets or power banks. Because they have built in storage, you do not need to buy separate cases for that. However, make sure your current case will fit with the new one so that you do not lose functionality.

    These cases usually cost around $10-$15 depending on how big the pouch inside is.

    Fossil leather case

    For those who love flashy new phones, or people with very fashion-forward styles, then there are many phone cases that feature striking designs or cool materials. Leather is one of the most popular material options for mobile coverings because it contours to your device naturally and adds some style!

    Many brands offer covers made from leather which has been dyed using natural oils to give an authentic look. Some even apply fake tanning agents to make the skin tone match that of the smartphone!

    This article will discuss two different leather cases that can be found at Amazon here and here.

    Snap-on case

    A snap-on smartphone cover is one of the most popular types of cases in the market today. They are very unique because you can add or take away components to fit your phone differently every time!

    Most snap-on covers use plastic or rubber material as face plates, and stick onto the back of the device using adhesive or mechanical connectors.

    The advantage of this type of case is that it can be easily reassembled and removed, making it more flexible than other styles of coverage. This also means there are no slots or openings on the case itself, keeping protection tight around the whole surface area of the device.

    But The Disadvantage Of These Types Of Case Is That You Can’t Use Them As An Incase — you have to either remove them completely or find a compatible gap between the plate and the phone.

    These cases typically cost around $10-$15 depending on how many features you want, but they will always win out over protective sleeve style cases due to their versatility.

    Buckle case

    The buckle case is one of the most popular phone cases in the market today. It was first seen back in 2010, when Mophie made their own version. Since then, many cell phone companies have designed their own versions of the feature.

    The basic concept of the case is to put your phone inside and squeeze it together with the buckle. When you take the phone out, it can be opened or closed depending on whether the buckled section covers the whole front surface of the device or not.

    This gives you two options. You can either use the case as a cover, where it completely hides the device or you can use it as an additional screen, where you can add features like Netflix or YouTube by pulling it up.

    It is very important to determine if the case will work for you depending on how you plan to use it. For example, if you want to use the extra screen mode, make sure the case has enough openings for this.

    Soft case

    A soft phone case is typically made of leather, plastic, or other material that can be folded and/or rolled up to create enough room for your device. They often have openings or slots for the screen and port holes as well.

    Soft cases usually are not very sturdy, so they should be used only when you are sure you will be carrying your cell phone in hand and not putting it somewhere else (like under a seat). However, they are more flexible than hard covers since you can roll them up and put them in your pocket or bag easily.

    They are also less expensive than solid hard cases. There are many sites online with reviews and tips for using and choosing a soft case.

    Hard plastic case

    One of the most popular phone cases is the hard plastic cover. These covers are very protective, but they can be annoying to use due to their thickness.

    Thickness is one of the main reasons that people choose not to use this type of cover much. Because it is thick, you have to press down on the device pretty heavily to close it which may cause damage to the device.

    Another problem with these covers is getting access to the device. Since they are designed to stick onto the back of the phone, you have to pull them off in order to do that! If you try to open the device while the cover is on, then you will probably break the case.

    Fabric case

    The next type of phone cases is called a fabric case. These are typically made out of strong, durable material such as leather or denim. They come with fastening straps or clamps that can be used to securely attach the cover to the device.

    Some examples of this style of covers are the Otterbox Ionized Case for iPhones and protective sleeve cases for other phones and tablets. Both of these types of cases feature an additional layer of protection in addition to the initial coverage of the device.

    These additions include antimicrobial protections or ionizing charges which help prevent bacterial growth while also giving your device a slight boost in charge. For example, the Otterbox Ionizer Case will add some extra depth to the smartphone by moving the screen up slightly. This changes how much light gets to it and helps protect it from possible damage caused by external sources.

    Cardboard case

    A cardboard phone cover is one of the most popular cases for just about any smartphone. They are typically cut out to expose the front face of the device, with only the back exposed. This allows you to put your phone in its case like a sleeve, protecting it fully!

    Some people even use these as covers when they sleep, so if you ever wanted to take pictures of yourself next to your device while sleeping, now you can. These are also very affordable, often costing less than $10 each!

    These covers work by letting air circulate around the device, helping prevent heat build up which could potentially damage the device.

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