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    What Games Does Zynga Make

    If you have ever spent any time at Zynga, then you know that they make games for social networks. These games are mostly focused on capturing attention through flashy graphics and engaging stories.

    Their top grossing game is FarmVille, which has now been replaced by Life to be more interesting. In its earlier years, it was popular enough to win two Golden Prizes at the iPad Game Awards in both Best Use of Social Media and Best Mobile Application.

    These awards were given to players for creating incredible farms full of lush vegetation and entertaining activities. Since those early days, though, other games have taken over the market share.

    Now, almost every new farm game features plants as their main focus. This includes Plants vs Zombies, where zombies eat your crops!

    Other games feature animals instead of plants, but none quite take place in an open-world setting like The Sims did. There’s only one rule about these games – keep them fun! You get points for motivating actions and failures are often funny.

    This article will talk about the types of games made by Zygnan and what positions they hold within the gaming industry. It will also discuss why people may or may not enjoy these games depending on who you are as a person.

    Disclaimer: While I try my best to remain unbiased towards companies, this article may contain things that seem slightly biased.


    In late 2010, Facebook launched its new game platform that now has over 1 billion monthly active users. Called Social Gaming, this is where you use your time on social media to interact with other players in games.

    FarmVille was one of the first big success stories for the genre, and it’s still going strong today. You are typically given an area to build or plant a crop in, and then you need to make sure it grows and sustains itself.

    Making money comes through harvesting crops and selling them at a profit, usually in the form of coins or cash. People have made large amounts of coin by creating farms and staying up all night tending to them!

    With the introduction of tips, people were able to earn even more money via giving rewards to other players for good behavior or performing certain actions. These can include helping grow a farm, completing tasks, or just being funny or interesting!

    The way Zynga runs their games allows for easy modification and editing of content which helps keep the community alive and thriving. This also gives rise to many third party tools and applications that help facilitate gameplay.

    Cooking game

    In early 2014, Facebook added an in-app purchase feature to its platform that allowed users to buy virtual items through the site. Since then, social gaming companies have been experimenting with this tool to see what types of games they can make money off of.

    One such company is Zynga. The eight year old firm has made several different types of games using IAP’s; some are completely free to play, while others require players to spend money or earn points by playing for extended periods of time before they can advance.

    Zynga makes most of it’s money from two types of games: ones that cost $2 to download but give large rewards like stickers or character costumes, and ones that people pay to progress beyond the first level.

    The latter type of game is what really keeps the company afloat though, as almost every one of their apps requires at least hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to fully master. This is due in part to the way that the game mechanics work, and also because there are no real ‘beginner’ levels.

    There is always more content to be found, requiring you to invest more money into the app until it feels seamless and intuitive.

    Hidden object games

    Another genre that has seen a rise in popularity is hidden object games. These games are known for their use of puzzles to link scenes together. In most cases, you will need to find specific items or clues to progress forward.

    Typically there’s a character in the game who you get to know over time, making it more immersive. Characters can also tell stories through flashbacks or conversations.

    Hidden objects games typically have you exploring your surroundings looking for something special – like a bottle cap or picture of a flower- maybe even finding an item or two along the way!

    Zynga has several hidden object games under its gaming label including Find Mii (searching for toys and clothes for characters) and Shopify (looking up products and putting them into shopping carts). Both of these games easily win awards for being fun to play while teaching players some basic computer skills such as matching, searching, and organizing.

    These types of games are perfect ways to spend your free time if you enjoy puzzle solving and learning new technology.


    In March of 2012, Zynga launched its latest venture into gaming, poker! Since then, it has quickly become one of their most popular games. You can now play several types of poker against other players or use bots to help you practice your game face.

    Zynga has many different variations of poker that people have fun playing through. The first is Texas Hold’em which is the classic version where two people sit across from each other and they both put in an equal amount.

    The person who goes last gets paid out more than the earlier player because they got to take all the money left over! That person wins, of course. The winner takes all isn’t too friendly for gamers though since there is always someone else waiting to be paid.

    Another variation is Two-Handed Pot Limit Omaha which only allows a certain number of bets per round. This creates some interesting strategies as people must figure out how much money they are willing to risk while still trying to win.


    One of Zynga’s earliest games was Words with Friends, an online word game that is very similar to Scrabble. Players are able to create accounts so they can easily play against each other or use their own words as tiles.

    In both versions of the game, players get points for making words and stealing ones from others. The difference is how many squares each player gets; in Zynga’t version, you are given more than in Scrabble!

    The extra space gives people who love having lots of toys the chance to compete without feeling limited. It also helps users learn vocabulary because there is more room to grow.

    Zynga has since added features like chat and stickers to make the experience even better but still retains some of the basics of its predecessor.

    Linked clones

    Another type of game that has become increasingly popular is linked clone games. These are games where you can make yourself look good by adding what is called “likes” to their posts or comments!

    You will typically find this type of gameplay in social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. By creating fake accounts to add to someone else’s account, you get credit for doing something socially responsible (adding them to your favorite sites) while also getting rewards points or cash for it!

    This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it is important to be aware of who is investing their time into these applications and how much money they are donating to incentivize people to spend more time using the app.

    It is very easy to contribute to this habit if you give yourself permission to use apps with incentivized spending. It may even create a dependency on quick rewards or need to keep interacting with the app to receive them.

    The Vague War Of Art

    As mentioned earlier, social games are designed to connect people with each other through interactive experiences. These experiences can be playing a game together, talking about the game while chatting or even creating your own content for the game!

    Mostly seen in gaming apps like Facebook, these types of applications spawn conversations and collaborations between users. A large part of this is due to how easy it is to interact with others via social media sites like Twitter, FB, and Instagram.

    Interacting online has become commonplace so developers have incorporated this into their software. If you’ve ever played Words With Friends then you know what I mean!

    Zynga is one such company that makes (or at least heavily promotes) socially-focused games. They’re not too hard to find though because they make them very public.

    Games like FarmVille, Empires & Knights, and Mafia Wars all contain some form of conversation system where you talk with friends, competitors, or both. Some even allow you to create your own content or discussions for the game.

    Space Wars

    In 2011, just as The Sims was hitting its stride, Zynga released their first game for mobile devices- Space Wars. It is arguably one of the biggest money makers for the company today.

    In fact, it is so successful that they have since expanded the franchise to include other games such as Empires and Generals, which are both strategy games with an emphasis on multiplayer.

    Space Wars has you create or destroy planets by strategically deploying your fleets in different areas. As you can imagine, this game offers some pretty large sums of money depending on how many people play it!

    The best part about this game is that anyone can pick up a game board and be able to start playing right away without needing any previous gaming experience. There is also an easy to use interface that even non-gamers will be able to navigate well.

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