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    How War In Ucraine Will End

    The situation in Ukraine has been unstable for years now, but it is coming to a head right now. A civil war seems inevitable at this point as both sides use violence to gain an upper hand on their opponents.

    There are many different factions involved in this conflict, some supporting Russia, others supporting the West. This article will discuss how war in ukrain can end and what factors play into that ending.

    First, we must talk about who all of these groups are. Then, we must look at why they were formed in the first place. After that, we can talk about how power shifts during wartime and what might happen after the war!

    Here there be dragons!

    Let’s dive in!

    1) Who are the rebels?

    The rebellion began back in 2014 when Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych abandoned the country while under Russian protection. At this time, he also banned the national language (Ukrainian), which sparked mass protests. Many people did not accept his decision to exile the nation from its own land.

    After several months, rioters took control of parts of Kiev and government offices using weapons such as guns and bombs. They demanded new leadership and an end to corruption. Rioters destroyed property and harmed civilians along the way.

    During this period, rebel militants fought against members of the police force and other state agencies. Some of them even collaborated with foreign countries likeRussia.

    The US intervenes to help settle the conflict

    Even though Russia is not directly involved in this civil war, they are still playing an important role by supporting Ukraine’s military as well as supplying weapons to their opponents. By backing these groups, Russia is deepening the crisis and creating conditions that can easily turn into full-scale warfare.

    Since Russia has actively supported separatists in eastern Ukraine for months now, people are beginning to see them as the main cause of the ongoing violence. According to one poll conducted last month, nearly half of all Ukrainians believe that Russian soldiers or spies have committed acts of terrorism inside their own country.

    If the situation continues to escalate, it is very possible that the United States will be forced to get involved. Since World War II, the US government has been promoting democracy around the world, and helping establish stable governments is definitely something we need right now!

    After WWII, the US helped oversee the creation of two major democracies in Europe: France and Germany. Because of this experience, most experts agree that what we should do here is offer support to any democratically elected leader who wants to negotiate a peaceful end to the conflict.

    A few years ago, such a leader emerged in Ukraine – Viktor Yanukovych. He was recently ousted from power due to a popular uprising, so it is clear that he no longer represents the will of the Ukrainian people. Starting a new democratic regime will take time, but there are already several candidates in place.

    A ceasefire is agreed upon

    How war in Ucraine will end

    On Friday, February 15, there was an agreement to stop hostilities for a 30-day period. This ceasefire will come into effect at 6 p.m. Moscow time (12 p.m EST). During this thirty day period, both sides must completely pull out all weapons and materiel as well as dismantle military infrastructure such as artillery or missile batteries.

    After six months, the two countries can begin talking about reopening negotiations for peace. The process of negotiating a lasting truce would likely take years due to many factors.

    One of the major issues that need to be discussed are the disputed territories where Russia has built up large stockpiles of weaponry. These include Crimea, eastern Ukraine and other areas like Donbass.

    Another key issue is who gets control over these regions after a settlement is made. Since World War II, international law puts the responsibility for governing conquered nations with elected leaders. In Europe, it’s common practice to have general elections once the war is over.

    This isn’t always possible in some third world countries though so another big topic of discussion will be what kind of governance they want to use. For example, does every citizen get representation? Does each region have their own leader? Or do we keep using election systems which don’t work because people don’t trust each other?

    All of these things must be considered before a treaty can be signed, making the road towards peaceful coexistence even longer.

    Peaceful resolution of conflicts between nations occurs when all parties agree to stop fighting

    How war in Ucraine will end

    A peaceful transition from conflict to peace happens only when there are no more reasons for going to war. For example, if two countries cannot agree on how to divide up resources that they share, then it is impossible to have a peaceful settlement until these disagreements are resolved.

    In the case of Ukraine and Russia, their disagreement over natural resource wealth has been the source of constant tension. The United States and its allies can help ensure that such an impasse does not lead to another world war by helping promote international norms designed to preserve stability in Europe.

    The most important of these norms is respect for sovereignty — which means ensuring that other states do not interfere with the internal politics or territorial integrity of others.

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