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    Cool Things To Do At Your Friends House

    Having your own house means having the freedom to do whatever you want with it, but that doesn’t always work in people’s favor. Sometimes, friends will invite you to join them for an activity or event outside of their home, and it just so happens to be something you were planning on doing later that week!

    That’s when what we call The Neighbor Effect comes into play.

    The Neighbor Effect is when your friend invites you to participate in an activity with them, but not necessarily at their place. It can sometimes even be a totally different type of activity!

    It may sound crazy, but it’s very common and a pretty nice thing to do as a person. You get to enjoy the experience without being tied down by time constraints, space limitations, and/or budget restrictions.

    In this article, I’ll go over some cool things to do at your friends’ house, and hopefully you’ll find one or two that are appropriate for you to try out soon.

    Watch a movie

    Having a friend’s house with their pool and lots of snacks definitely gives you an edge when it comes to diving in and watching a good movie. Or maybe you want to just hang out and chat while you both watch your favorite show!

    There are so many ways to enjoy a movie at a friends’ house. You can bring your own device and stream the film, or you can ask if there is wifi and use that for streaming.

    If you would rather watch the movie in person then that’s totally okay too! Just make sure you coordinate ahead to know what time everyone gets home so you don’t get stuck waiting outside.

    Sit and read a book

    If you want to sit down and just read, your friends house is always open! You can come here and read any genre or series, and it’s great because you don’t have to worry about getting distracted by other things like TV shows or movies.

    There are lots of books available in different genres so there’s something for everyone. You can also use this as an opportunity to pick up some new reading skills – how cool is that?

    If you’re struggling to find something to read, no worries! There are plenty of easy ways to get started. All major publishers produce soft-cover (no covers made of plastic) nonfiction self-help books, which are perfect introductions to the field.

    You could also try listening to a audiobook; many people now download apps onto their phone that allow them to do this. An app called Amazon Kindle allows you to sync your device with a free Amazon Prime account, making it even easier to start listening.

    Throw a party

    Having friends with similar interests is very helpful in staying motivated and engaged during your college career. If you are ever feeling like it’s time to do something, go out with some of your friends and have an activity!

    Hosting a low-key get-together or even creating an event can be fun ways to connect with your classmates. You may also find people who already know each other attending which helps spread the word about your group.

    Some groups hold their events outside so guests don’t need to bring anything except themselves!

    You could make flyers and put up posters to promote the event, or you could use social media to share information. Some students’ organizations keep an online RSVP list so if anyone wants to attend, they can look them up to see if there’s space available.

    Eat dinner together

    While most of you probably have your own house now, it is still very important that you know how to do things as a team. Having food gathered at someone’s house can be tricky because people may not want to spend money or take time to make food if they don’t feel like it.

    If this happens, then either buy food somewhere close by or ask if there are any restaurants nearby so you can find something appropriate.

    Another option would be to bring your own food since you paid for yours already, but that might not work if nobody else does.

    Practice yoga

    While some people focus only on practicing yoga on their mat, you can bring more of the practice into your daily life by doing something with it. You can do this via yoga exercises or yoga poses that are done outside of class.

    There are many ways to add yogic philosophy to your day-to-day living. Some of these include: ashtanga yoga, vinyasa flow, restorative yoga, hatha yoga, and others.

    By adding in some time for yoga every week, you will find new things you can do within the tradition of yoga.

    You can take breaks from working to do some breathing exercises, relax muscles, and calm down. All of these apply directly to everyday life where you have stressors coming up.

    This gives your body a chance to reset and prepare for other things. Breathing is also connected to mental health so trying out different types of breathing exercises is another way to benefit yourself.

    Go swimming

    This is one of the greatest things you can do at your friends’ house this summer! If your friend has a pool, that’s fantastic! You could use their pool or create your own by bringing your towels and blankets and lounging in the water.

    Some people prefer diving in instead of doing laps, so if you know anyone who loves to swim, ask them if they would like to go swimming with you and your friends!

    Many people feel better after spending time under water, and it helps flush out all sorts of toxins from your body. Therefore, not only is swimming an excellent activity for your health, but it also aids in improving your general feeling of wellness.

    Run errands together

    Running an after-school program can be tricky, but having your friend’s help is always a nice perk! If you are ever too busy during the school year, there’s no reason that you can’t come back as a parent volunteer in the summertime.

    Many parents find they can handle their child for an hour after school, so why not get some work done while they’re waiting? Or maybe they could watch a movie with the kids while you do homework or prepare dinner – the possibilities are endless.

    Running errands like picking up supplies or going to the grocery store is another great way to use up time at a friends house. Who doesn’t need to run low on something at this time of day?!?

    Running a kids’ room takes lots of things, snacks, toys, etc. Make sure to have enough for the whole group so nothing gets wasted.

    Have housekeeping do it all

    Being in a stable, supportive environment can help you explore other career paths or reevaluate your current one. If you are feeling overwhelmed or tired of working, consider becoming more involved with the work place that you currently attend.

    There are many ways to be successful as an office manager. Depending on what level of responsibility you want, there is no wrong way to fulfill this position. Some people prefer running their own department while others like having overall control over everything. It really does depend on the person what they feel most comfortable doing!

    Becoming more involved in the workplace comes in several forms. You could handle certain duties such as scheduling meetings, keeping up-to-date records, etc. Or you could oversee finance, marketing, or even human resources (HR) functions.

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